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Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Vista Tech website and now let me explain to you top dignitaries how we started, where we are now and how we deliver top notch exceptional hyper results. Vista was envisioned way back in July 1982 and designed, developed and built in July 1983 and since then Vista evolved over the decades by consistently delivering top notch extraordinary hyper scientific and technological solutions and became a leading technological boutique in 2013.

Vista’s activities are classified as Primary Activities & Secondary Activities which are as follows:

  • Primary Activities:
    1. MTDI2 (Mind Device Technology Integration Intelligence) MDTI2 is applicable in 36 Sectors (which we have identified)
    2. Oil + Natural Resources
      Science/Technology removes the monopoly over Oil + Natural Resources, thus we perfect Technology to transfer these resources (through horizontal intrusion) to whichever client is willing to reward us for our expertise/service to transfer these resources to them
    3. Natural Disasters
      Science/Technology can be perfected to detect Natural Disasters
      (Storm….Earthquake….Tsunami….Landslide….Man made accidents/disasters) upfront & suppress these Natural Disasters before they cause damage to physical resources and human lives.
    4. Cancer + Prolonging Life
      Science/Technology can be perfected to detect Cancer as early as possible (minimum 15 years ahead) in individuals & the necessary precautionary measures can be taken (unlike the current practice of late detection leading often to death shortly thereafter, say in 1-2 years). Until today there is no cure for Cancer (Cancer strikes in various forms…. skin, lung, stomach, womb, blood, etc) and it seems it strikes victims irrespective of their lifestyles. Science/Technology can be perfected to identify organ wear & tear + damages leading to taking precautionary measures to change lifestyles (food & beverage intake as well as adjust other habits) to sustain life for a more prolonged period….life as human is only once.
  • Secondary Activities:
    1. Executive Education Imparting
      • Advanced Management Program
      • Professional Management Program
    2. Technology Education Imparting
      • Advanced Technology Program
      • Professional Technology Program

Basically the primary activity is where Vista opens the world’s eyes. The secondary activity shall form continuity in Executive/Technology endeavor infinitely. Life will go on irrespective of who is alive & who is not alive. A never ending journey….Basically the above are our principal activities. Our consulting solutions over the decades were in-line with our principal activities to business globally. Today we deliver solutions in strategy, Technology Innovation, Venture, Finance, Risk as well as Project Management to business, corporate and at international level. Over the decades since our envisioning we continuously refined all our offerings with our research findings. Our group is a non-static composition of extremely extraordinary high caliber individuals who deliver and speak the technology of the future at all times. Our vision and objective is to deliver in this millennium itself what the next millennium has to offer. Please take your time to go through our website thoroughly and contact our President for any nature of solution or service you may need. Thank you.

B. Soundarajan
Vista Technology Academy LLC

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