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Executive Development Program


Are you looking for the best Executive MBA Programs in the World? If yes, you have landed at the right page. There are times when you feel after doing your graduation you are stuck in the wrong job or want to change your field. You feel that you want to do something bigger than what you are doing. That’s the time when you can look to earn a degree which will not only help you to change your career track but your perspective towards life. Executive MBA or EMBA is the course specially designed to cater to the need of working professionals who wants to enhance their work skills. There are many universities worldwide which provide 1 year executive MBA programs.

Best Executive Education Programs Online

These days the world has become a small place because of technology. A student can take a degree from a US University without actually going there. These are called Online Programs. There are many universities providing top-notch Executive MBA Programs Online. They use online mode of communications like chat rooms, online bulletin boards, email, computer conferencing, sound and video clips. These programs focus on developing the management skills of the executives who want to learn more and achieve more. Most of the best online programs from universities like University of Southern California, Cairn University, and Lehigh University etc. get completed in two years.

Executive Education Programs without GMAT

Most of the colleges do not want you to submit GMAT score for Executive MBA Programs like Kellogg. One has to check the individual college requirements related to GMAT score as it varies from school to school.

Here are some types of MBA programs that candidates who want to apply, should know about:

1. Full- Time Course:

The full time MBA course would involve the regular college experience with all day classes, a semester system, yearly exams, and tests. For those who are certain of their path in the corporate sector and want to go the whole way, a full time MBA course would be perfect. It will allow them the time to hone their strengths and talents with case studies, group discussions, internships and more.

2. Online MBA:

Online MBA courses are quite popular these days, as more and more students seem to be opting for it. There are a lot of benefits to online learning, such as, working while earning the degree, not having to think of shifting to another city and financial issues. If one cannot afford to move to another city, then a lot of the reputed business schools offer distance or online learning.

3. Executive Programs:

There are also MBA programs geared towards professionals within the industry but who want to move up the career ladder. These programs are specifically designed for those interested in the executive positions.

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