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Advanced Management Program


Gray Area:

Democracy, Capitalism & Control
Politics, Government & Authority
Society, Business & Free Markets

Formal Area:

Time Value of Money
Time Value of Research/Innovation
Time Value of Technology/Project
Time Value of Trend/Development
Time Value of Product/Service
Time Value of Life

Informal Area:

Human Capital/Labor Depletion
Information Systems/Decision Support

Scope of Program

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) is designed and developed to provide complete visualization of the Big Picture, Big Data, Big Scenario, Big Risk, Big Skepticism, Big Money and Big Return on Investment on Ventures. The AMP is meant for Senior Level Executives who are en-vision to lead their enterprise consistently successful in the international business arena. To date Senior Executives who have attended our AMP Program not only perform above the ordinary but beyond their boards’ expectations.

The AMP Program gives an exclusive unabridged complete picture of past, current and future pictures of how management and technology can change within this century. To this we not only disclose scenarios from the past but also disclose and anticipate future scenarios. Businesses tend to focus only on knowledge within available data, thus, generating data on future anticipated trends is the norm of the AMP Program. Participants will not only learn the latest art and science of the business know how but also develop their minds with the latest and the anticipated know how they need to equip themselves to stay competitive and relevant in the international market. To seek complete full AMP Program details kindly send mail to exedu.kl@vta-academy.org

Program Itinerary:

  • Program Duration: Six Weeks/Monday to Saturday/8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Months Conducted: April-May
  • Fee: US$90,000.00 per participant
  • Venue: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia
  • Presented by: Leading Scientist, Technologist, Strategist & Educationalist
  • How to Enroll: To enroll all interested participants are requested to email their complete resume/CV
  • Enrollment Dateline: August 31st.

Perceive Right and Get Yourself What You Want!

  • What may seem food (joy) to one may seem poison (misery) to others!
  • What may seem business to one may seem trash/rubbish to others!
  • What may seem faith to one may make others laugh in their minds!
  • What may seem logic to one may arouse skepticism to others!
  • What may seem truth to one may seem false to others!
  • What may seem reality/realistic to one may seem delusion to others!
  • What may seem joy/joyful to one may seem illusion to others!
  • What may seem wealth to one may seem not to interest others!
  • What may seem normal behavior to one may seem to be abnormal to others!
  • What may seem to be excellent to one may seem to be common/ordinary to others!
  • What may seem to be normal human relations conduct to one may seem to be classless level of executive conduct to others!
  • What may seem to be short period of life time (life is short) to one may seem to signify negative/failure in life’s achievement/conclusion to others!
  • What may seem to be success in material wealth to one may seem not to be success in the spiritual/fanatic/religious fulfillment to others!….finally…. What may seem to be total perfection to one with the right ideal.…conscience…. vision…. mission…. goal…. objective… .passion…. enthusiasm…. attitude…. excellence…. fantasy…. fenzy…. may seem to be routine/monotonous/mundane to others (especially those contended ones)…!

….get your requirements right….it is what you want which is proportional to your ability….know-how….satisfaction….delight….brought-up/build-up….and the most important factor What you know!

How Identical/Similar is the Human Body to Earth (The Planet Humans Live In)

Any human body (both male as well as female) has the following identical/similarity with earth:

  1. Earth has all forms of Physical/Chemical/Biological forces as well as characteristics!  So does a human body!
  2. In detail: earth has water (sea)! So does the human body (blood)!
  3. Grass grows on earth! Hair grows on humans!
  4. If you cut the earth in the center you will notice all the layers which gives comfort to earth! If you bisect a human body you will notice all the layers that gives a human comfort!
  5. Earth subjects itself to turmoil due to turmoil in the master planet (sun)! Humans subject themselves to turmoil by uncontrolled food, beverage intake as well as abnormal lifestyle!
  6. Formation period of earth unknown exactly or precisely! Formation period of a new human (baby) is only ten months!
  7. Earth does the same thing again and again (revolves) within a 24 hour geo-logic time scale! Human does the same thing again and again (wake up-breakfast-work-lunch-dinner-sleep-wake up again) every 24 hour geo-logic time scale!
  8. Tsunami, Storm, Earthquake, Landslide, Flood, Volcano Eruption happens to earth! High blood pressure, Heart attack, Coma, Cancer, Diabetic, Migraine happens to Humans!
  9. The control center for earth is the sun (master planet)! The control center for human is the brain (master organ)!
  10. There are billions of planets around the earth (within this single universe)! There are more than 100 billion neurons in a single human brain and there are more than a trillion neurotransmitters in a single human brain!

(Concluding Note: The key reason why some executives are very intelligent and why some are not is just as simple as this….Neurotransmitter power limitation due to excessive amount of Lipid presence in the brain.  Lipids in a human brain can only be reduced if he or she subjects himself/herself to excessive  pressure! Well, this has to be done extremely very-very carefully otherwise will lead to severe depression/mental exhaustion! Once the level/presence of Lipid in the brain has been reduced or minimized than one can take total control of his or her lifestyle and become very subjective with total/complete judgment!)

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