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Advanced Technology Program


Gray Area:

Democracy, Capitalism & Control
Politics, Government & Authority
Society, Business & Free Markets

Formal Area:

Time Value of Money
Time Value of Research/Innovation
Time Value of Technology/Project
Time Value of Trend/Development
Time Value of Product/Service
Time Value of Life

Informal Area:

Human Capital/Labor Depletion
Information Systems/Decision Support

Scope of Program

The Advanced Technology Program (ATP) is designed and developed to provide complete visualization of the Hyper Picture, Hyper Data, Hyper Scenario, Hyper Risk, Hyper Skepticism, Hyper Money and Hyper Return on Investment on Ventures.  The ATP is meant for Senior Level Executives who are envisioned to lead their enterprise consistently successfully in the international business arena.  To date Senior Executives who have attended our ATP Program not only perform above the ordinary but beyond their boards’ expectations.

The ATP Program gives an exclusive unabridged complete picture of past, current and future pictures of how technology and innovation can change within this century.  To this we not only disclose scenarios from the past but also disclose   anticipated future scenarios. Businesses tend to focus only on knowledge within available data, thus, generating data on future anticipated trends is the norm of the ATP Program.  Participants will not only learn the latest art and science of the business know how but also develop their minds with the latest and the anticipated know how. They need to equip themselves to stay competitive and relevant in the international market.  To seek complete full ATP Program details kindly send mail to exedu.kl@vta-academy.org

Program Itinerary:

  • Program Duration: Six Weeks/Monday to Saturday/8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Months Conducted: September-October
  • Fee: US$95,000.00 per participant
  • Venue: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia
  • Presented by: Leading Scientist, Technologist, Strategist & Educationalist
  • How to Enroll: To enroll all interested participants are requested to email their complete resume/CV
  • Enrollment Dateline: January 31st.

The Top Ten International Points for Success

  1. Think Right Act Right
  2. Do What You Can With What You Have Wherever You Are
  3. Be Strong Let Nothing Disturb Your Peace of Mind
  4. Be Tough.   Tough Times Don’t Last.   Tough People Do
  5. If At First You Don’t Succeed Try, Try, Try, Try  Again !
  6. Excellence.   See the Invisible.   Feel the Intangible.   Strive for the Impossible
  7. No Matter How Things Turn Out, Make be Best of Them
  8. Take Risk.  Stretch Beyond What You Think You Can Do!
  9. Never Quit Believing in Yourself
  10. Enthusiasm.  Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm

Let it be Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs, all great minds/brains success are based on the above Top Ten International Points.

God Particle!

A delighted Scientist’s point of view!

The mass simply don’t know the reason why in the first place they are born

And so simply think money is everything!

On the other hand a vast majority (may be 95-99% of the world’s population/including Scientist) simply adhere themselves to religious beliefs.

In latest scene (in 2013) the 2 scientists who received the Noble Prize in Physics even went to the extent of naming the subatomic particle the ‘God Particle’.

This behavior of the above 2 Scientist simply shows that how much Religion monopolizes or controls the ability of Science & Technology to continue its advances.!

In reality all Scientist know the following facts:

In simple terms, when we see an automobile moving on the road (which is just an organized metal piece) with all its materials originating from the earth….actually the earth is moving on earth, likewise when we see an airplane flying above the earth (which is also just an organized metal piece) with all its materials originating from the earth ….actually the earth is flying above the earth.!

In Religion they call it God because they claim it as the ultimate/supreme power….in Science all advances are already in the direction to precisely integrate and distinguish this power….journey is close to its destination.

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