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Professional Management Program

Scope of Program

The Professional Management Program (PMP) is designed and developed to provide complete visualization of the Vital Picture, Vital Data, Vital Scenario, Vital Risk, Vital Skepticism, Vital Money and Vital Return on Investment on Ventures. The PMP is meant for Middle Level Executives who are envisioned to lead their enterprise consistently successfully in the international business arena. To date Middle Executives who have attended our PMP Program not only perform above the ordinary but beyond their boards’ expectations.

The PMP Program gives an exclusive unabridged complete picture of past, current and future pictures of how management and technology can change within this century. To this we not only disclose scenarios from the past but also disclose anticipated future scenarios. Businesses tend to focus only on knowledge within available data, thus, generating data on future anticipated trends is the norm of the PMP Program. Participants will not only learn the latest art and science of the business know how but also develop their minds with the latest and the anticipated know how they need to equip themselves to stay competitive and relevant in the international market. To seek complete full PMP Program details kindly send mail to exedu.kl@vta-academy.org

Program Itinerary:

  • Program Duration: Three Weeks/Monday to Saturday/8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Months Conducted: June-July
  • Fee: US$55,000.00 per participant
  • Venue: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia
  • Presented by: Leading Scientist, Technologist, Strategist & Educationalist
  • How to Enroll: To enroll all interested participants are requested to email their complete resume/CV
  • Enrollment Dateline: October 31st.

The Feel Good Factor

  • Can you change the way you feel?
  • Can you measure your moods?
  • Can you diagnose your moods?
  • What makes you feel good?
  • In general what makes others feel good?
  • What is this feel good factor all about?
  • Whatever you do, whatever others do, it all boils down to one peculiar feeling as humans we all have in common, that is we all feel good.
  • Everything on this planet earth way back since Christ and before Christ to the present state of geo-logic time is the cause of the feel good factor.
  • This factor has nothing to do with emotions or ego (Christ did not operate in emotional or ego state of mind) because today the state of Art, Science & Technology and Innovation has reached almost the very hyper state of refinement where by nothing ever seems to be impossible and everything we as human desire seems to be within our capacity of feel good factor.
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