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What We Do

Vista’s prime offering is to unlock reality, normalize risk and yield hyper return on investments. To this end, the key to unlocking reality is only by doing hyper research. Testing hyper research with reality is no easy task and we faced a very tough time for decades. In some cases we faced many unwarranted disasters and it took time for us to pull back and re-strategize our methodology and restart. Prediction through research is what our prime offering service which we have labeled as the next millennium game we have begun. This offering is a technological game which we have started. The next two paragraphs will give you the picture.

Currently everything available in the market (all products/services) drop under TDMI2 (Technology Device Mind Integration Intelligence) there are no products/services which are available under MDTI2 (Mind Device Technology Integration Intelligence) this is the leading edge which Vista has & enjoys….perhaps a new revolution of product/service starting game….

Perhaps you don’t even know how TDMI2 is in action….Technology Device Mind Integration Intelligence is the crudest form of Technology application which the product/service responds to human physical command which is the present state of case in our day to day activity….in fact the device becomes meaningless without the presence of human to command it but this is not the case with MDTI2 (Mind Device Technology Integration Intelligence) because the device here responds in tandem with the human brain (mind)….direct brain (mind) command is the ultimate level which mankind is pursuing to achieve….this is the game Vista is gearing for & into….

Finally….one forgets the whole world when one has money….likewise the whole world forgets the one when the one doesn’t have money….this is life.

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